Sitting in my pantry was a yellow onion that was on the menu for dinner. After work, I returned home to get started on dinner and went to the pantry but found a surprise. The yellow onion had sprouted with multiple green shoots coming out of the top. Normally, I would have thrown this onion away but I felt inspired this time. This onion was determined to grow and live and I was not about to to toss it. To my Chromebook I went and Googled growing a sprouted onion. I browsed the results and found some further inspiration. The onion was soon on my cutting board and, like a surgeon with a scalpel, I began to cut away the layers until I found the innermost sprouting layers.

sprouted onion

I had a small kitchen bowl sitting around and decided this would be the new home for the onion sprouts. With a few stolen tiny pebbles from my terrarium and this kitchen bowl, my onion sprouts had a new home. Under a bright light and with water provided, the onion sprouts grew taller and little white strands started to emerge from the onions, winding and twisting through the pebbles. The onion sprouts were growing roots.

This went on for a few weeks and continues to this day. In fact, I actually just had another onion sprout and repeated the process. Instead of being on the menu for dinner these onions are now on my list for the garden. I plan to plant these onions in some pots on my patio once the weather warms up. I will provide an update once this happens, as I’m interested to see if these onions will actually bulb. Regardless, this single onion has changed my thinking on what it means for vegetables to be spoiled.

Have you grown a sprouted onion, potato or something else? How did it turn out?