It was Christmas eve and we were all gathered round,
gifts were wrapped and people were shaking them for sound.

It was a gift exchange and presents were wrapped up tight,
awaiting their unknown owner to pick them that night.

Soon the first present was picked, then the next and another present more,Breckenridge Brewery Christmas Ale Mini Keg eyes darted around the circle for potential steals and that big score.

My first choice was stolen right away,
but I had the chance to steal or pick again that day.

I chose to unwrap a big box that was as heavy as a cinder block,
I quickly opened the box and my  face went from wonder to shock.

It was not a fruit cake but a thing I hold dear,
it was a wonderful mini-keg of beer.

My Christmas was made and it was still Christmas eve,
I grasped my Breckenridge Brewery Christmas Ale and rolled up my sleeve.

I had work to do and no one was taking this from me,
the last few gifts went by and I got away scott free.

Maybe it was the looks I shot them when they glanced my way,
but I ended with the mini-keg and tapped it that day.

With a full glass of ale in my hand and a big Christmas grin,
I raised my glass and said merry Christmas now let the fun begin.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas as much as I did!

~Pubmaster Chris